Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving Week!

OK, so, by now, you should be in full Thanksgiving planning mode. If you're the one doing all the cooking, don't panic! You'll be fine as long as you plan everything. Whenever I'm catering an event or cooking for a big group, I always make lists. That's how my Mom used to do it. She'd list each day leading up to the big event, and then fill in each task, depending on how far in advance she was able to do it. For instance, you can make the cranberries a few days in advance, so that's something that can be done, say, Monday night. Pies and cakes can be made a day or two in advance too, so they can be finished on Tuesday night. Wednesday night is perfect for making the other side dishes and casseroles. I wouldn't make the cole slaw in advance because it might get too soggy. It's usually not a problem to make it right on Thanksgiving day because you can do it while the turkey is in the oven. Like I said, make lists! Organization is key.
Another thing to consider is oven management. Sometimes it can be a little tricky trying to make sure all the food is hot when you serve it. I suggest making all the side dishes and casseroles in advance. Then when you take the turkey out of the oven, put all the side dishes in. The turkey needs to rest for a while before you can cut it anyway, so this is a good time to heat up everything else. You can also heat up side dishes in the microwave, then keep them covered and place them in one of those large coolers, you know like you'd use to fill with ice to keep the beer cold in the summer. It'll keep everything nice and hot for you until you get to the table. Oh, and here's another way to keep each dish hot until it's time to serve. After your casserole or side dish is hot, cover it and wrap the whole dish with a thick cushy clean towel. It'll keep the dish insulated and you'll be amazed at how long everything will stay hot.
So, there ya have it! I'll be checking my email often, so feel free to email me with any questions! Happy Cooking!

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I'm so making something. I don't know what....but it will be something.