Sunday, October 5, 2008

Is it Soup yet??

Well, now that the weather is becoming cooler (at least for those of us in North East USA), I figured everyone might like a week which showcases some of my favorite soup recipes. Of course, whenever I want to make soup, I immediately turn to The Soup Queen of the World, my sister, Patty. She's seen some pretty brutal winters living up in Canada, and her soups always keep her family warm and cozy. So, clearly, she's my "go to" person when it comes to making soup.
As with every themed week, I try to select a nice variety of recipes, and this week is no exception. Some recipes only take a few minutes to throw together while others are slow cooked all day. Some are rich and creamy and others have a delicious and hearty broth. All of them are very easy to make and they'll keep you warm during the coldest weather.
I hope you'll give them a try.
Thanx Pat!

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