Friday, May 2, 2008

Easy Pie Crust

This is my favorite home made pie crust recipe because it only takes a few minutes to throw together in the food processor and it makes a smooth soft dough. Simple!

1/2 cup cold or frozen butter
2 cups flour
1 tsp salt
2 tbs powdered sugar
1/3 cup iced water

Cut butter into 6 pieces. In a food processor fitted with a metal blade, place all ingredients except water. Process about 10-15 seconds. Add iced water all at once through the food chute and process until a dough ball forms, but for no longer than 20 seconds. If a ball has not formed, press dough into a ball using your hands. Makes pastry for one 2-crust pie.

Don't be tempted to over mix the dough. It literally only takes a maximum of 35 seconds. Longer processing will only make the pastry tough.
If you'd like to use this for a savory pie, simply omit the powdered sugar.
You can easily substitute margarine for the butter.
If you only need one crust, cut the recipe in half, or make the entire recipe and then store one half in the freezer. Better yet, make two pies!


Michael said...

OK, so I used this pie crust for the first time with a Strawberry pie. And no, I didn't add any rhubarb. I'm not even sure what a rhubarb would look like, though I do enjoy Strawberry Rhubarb pie.

Anyhow, it turned out pretty good. I actually made it in two parts, because my big food processor broke recently, and I had to use my little one.

Also, because I suck at making pie crust, when I rolled it out, I couldn't pick it up without ruining it. So, I rolled it out, and cut it into four quarters. Then, I picked each piece up, and placed it in the pie plate. It had seams, but it tasted just fine.

I'm not sure if I messed up the measurements, but it tasted a little salty to me. I might reduce the amount of salt next time.

Anonymous said...

Michael, be sure to sprinkle some flour onto your work surface before you roll out the dough. This will keep it from sticking to the surface. Add more flour as needed. Then when you've rolled it out to the desired size, you have a couple options to help you pick it up. You can fold it in half, then in quarters. Pick it up and place it in your pie plate, then unfold it.
After you finish rolling it out, roll it up over your rolling pin, then transfer it to your plate by unrolling it over the plate. Be sure your rolling pin is floured so that it doesn't stick.
I've never found this recipe to be too salty, but by all means, adjust it to suit your own tastes.
And just FYI, Rhubarb can be found in the produce section of your grocery store, and it looks like a big red celery. Great then!