Monday, January 24, 2011

Reen's Chicken Ala Clementine

 I've often said that my sister Reen is The Queen of Substitutions when it comes to cooking. She'll take any recipe and substitute an ingredient here or there, depending on what ingredients she has on hand. I remember once upon a time that she changed every single ingredient in a recipe and wound up with something entirely different. Now THAT's talent! If I know Reen, she probably said something like "Boy, this was a great recipe, I'm gonna have to make this again!"
Well, staying true to form, Reen has done it again. She sent me this note along with the recipe. It's simple and quick and PERFECT for a mid week supper. Thanx again Been!

Joey Joey,
I had a bunch of clementines and some grapes. I saw a cooking show
where they made duck with clementines. Need I say more? I made
something like that sauce, but changed it to chicken, and added
grapes and onions and other flavorings. Voila! Billy loves it.

I made it with roasted potatoes, but it would probably be better
with rice.  

4 chicken cutlets, sliced through the middle to be 8 thin cutlets
Olive oil
3 garlic gloves
2 onions, chopped
1 small can chicken broth
10 clementines (squeeze juice from 5, and segment the other 5) *Can
substitute with tangerines or  mandarin or regular oranges.
Handful of seedless grapes
Thyme (fresh or dry)
2 tabl. Butter
Sprinkling of sugar (if needed)

Brown chicken cutlets in oil. (Doesn't have to be cooked all the
way through.) Remove chicken to a plate. Saute garlic and onions in
pan with more oil, if needed. Add juice, segments, grapes, thyme
and broth to onions. Cook until it reduces to saucelike
consistency. Return chicken to pan. Add sugar if the sauce tastes too
tart. Season with salt and stir in butter.

Even though Reen didn't say to do this....when I made it, I dredged the chicken in flour before browning them in the pan. It makes them nice and golden, adds a little texture to them, and also helps the sauce to thicken! Oh, and I also sliced the grapes in half and added a little salt and pepper. Yum!

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