Monday, September 1, 2014


 Have you ever heard of a Brookie? Well, as you might guess, a Brookie is a cross between a brownie and a cookie. I discovered them when I was browsing the interwebs for a mini cupcake type of bite-sized treat. Yes, of course, you can make them in a regular 9x13 brownie pan, but I've been on a miniature food kick lately and I just love how easy and portion controlled these cute little bites of heaven are. They're a quick throw-together, and they're the perfect little after school snack or even a great little replacement for your usual TV time cookies and milk. They also go perfectly in a lunch box for school or work. Make LOTS of them, and then keep 'em in the freezer until you want them. Then take out as many as you need! Easy right??? Give 'em a try!

1 batch tollhouse cookie dough
1 batch brownies

You can can either make each batch from scratch, or just do a brownie mix and store bought cookie dough.

Simply mix up the brownie batter and cookie dough according to your recipe or package directions. Spray mini muffin pans with baking spray. Divide the brownie batter evenly between 48 mini muffins. (My mini muffin tins have 24 each, so it's perfect for two pans). Top each muffin with cookie dough. Place in a 350F oven and bake about 20-22 minutes or until set. Cool completely before removing them from the pans, otherwise they might break when you try to remove them. Patience! I promise they'll be worth the wait!

Be sure to spray each cup with baking spray. You want to be able to get them out of the pan!
To make perfectly round little cookies sitting on top of the brownie, roll the cookie dough into balls and then place on top of each cup. Makes sense, right?
If you're using the store bought "break and bake" cookie dough, just cut each cube of cookie dough in half and roll it into a ball. You'll have exactly 48!
For a little extra decadence, top each cup with a few chocolate or other flavored chips before topping with the cookie dough. White chocolate? Peanut butter? Whatever you like! You could also put a little Rolo candy on top of each one before topping them with the cookie dough.
OH! Here's an idea...You could top each brownie cup with a mini Reese's cup or a few Reese's Pieces, and then use peanut butter cookie dough instead of chocolate chip cookie dough on top. I'm gonna have to try that!

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