Sunday, January 11, 2009

Big Announcement! New Plan!

Many of you know that I like to be involved with theatrical productions. Usually I'm a singer or dancer or actor or choreographer and sometimes I'm even lucky enough to be the director. Recently, I began rehearsing as choreographer for a local high school's spring musical production, as I've done for the past three years. You can imagine how much work goes into such a production, but I love it and I'm thrilled to be invited back year after year.
When I started this website, I knew that it would eventually have to take a back seat to my other jobs, and it seems that that time has come. It's time the make a change. Oh stop, I'm not leaving you. I'm not going anywhere. Don't panic. This is certainly NOT the end of Not by a long shot! I'm just going to slow the pace down a little bit, that's all.
Now, I know many of you daily viewers might be a little upset with me, but I have several personal goals that I'd like to achieve and this is what I need to do in order to make them happen. You wouldn't deny me that, would you? Cooking, blogging, photographing, scheduling, and color coding six recipes a week really takes a lot of time! But now I'd like to borrow some of that time so I can devote it to my other endeavors. I can only fit so much on my creative plate! You understand, don't you?
So, here's my new plan. I'll still share recipes and stories and photos, but just not every day. I'm thinking it'll be a weekly thing instead of a daily thing. How does that sound? That's not so bad, is it? Lets decide that, starting this week, Monday will be the new recipe day and maybe I'll even throw in an extra day here and there, just for the fun of it. And if your world is coming to an end and you're going through "Joey withdrawal" and you just can't wait for next week's recipe, you can always revisit some of the old ones! I'm sure there must be at least one or two recipes in the archives that you haven't tried. Am I right? And if it's mid week and you need some culinary advice, you can still email me as always! That'll never change. And who knows? Maybe after a few months, I'll go back to the original plan! We'll see how it goes, ok? Great then!

So, here's to personal goals, theatrical endeavors, and new plans!

Big HUGE love to EVERYONE who continues to embrace my little hobby :)

And don't forget... It's better when YOU make it!




Kristin said...

Of Course We Understand!!!!! You've already given enough wonderful recipes to keep us busy for a year (considering how often I cook!-- which is a lot more often since CookingWithJoey began!) Anyway, good luck with the choreographing and I'm proud of you for making a change when you realized one needed to be made. Love, Kristin

Anonymous said...

OK OK OK if you really must do other things, we'll have to let you go. Good luck with all the plates you've got spinning in the air at the same time. And we'll keep ourselves busy trying all the fabulous recipes you've posted over the past year. TTFN!