Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Coke Roast

I had originally planned to do a regular classic pot roast, but then I remembered this recipe that I got from my niece, Katie. I had heard of using Coca Cola with roast beef, but I had never tried it. Katie RAVED about it, so I thought it was worth a try. Her favorite way to serve it is on fresh bakery rolls with a slice of provolone cheese. Works for me! I made it for our weekly get together and everyone loved it! It's super simple and you seriously need no cooking expertise at all for this one. It's really that easy! Thanx Katie-Kate!

1 3-lb beef roast
1 packet onion soup mix
1 can Coca Cola
freshly cracked black pepper

Place beef in crock pot. Add soup mix and cola. Sprinkle with pepper. Cook on low for 10-12 hours. To serve, pull the beef into shreds with a fork and serve it on fresh rolls.

I guess, since the roast is cooked in cola, I was expecting a much sweeter taste, but the onion soup and juices from the meat sort of countered that. So, I added a few tablespoons of brown sugar. CJ and I decided that that was the answer.
If you'd like to add potatoes, carrots, and/or onions, go for it! Oh, and when you're cooking it for such a long time, you can get away with buying a cheaper cut of meat. It'll still turn out great! So, definitely save the expensive cuts for another meal!

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