Saturday, June 28, 2008

Westmont Ladies' Punch

So, here's another recipe from my sister Cathy. She's clearly WAY ahead on the list of most loyal readers. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'!
I was at her house celebrating Casey's graduation with 200 of her closest family and friends and I noticed a pitcher of something labeled "Westmont Ladies' Punch". Being the fabulous, gorgeous, talented, youthful, vibrant, funny, caring and all-around wonderful sister that she is, she agreed to share the recipe. I asked her to take a picture of the group, all raising a glass of punch so I could post it with the recipe for all to enjoy.....

"So, about the Westmont Ladies' Punch... By the time I thought of taking the picture, some of them had already left. We'll try to get that picture the next time we get together, (which happens fairly often). Because it's so delicious & refreshing, you might tend to drink too much. So, be careful! Middle-aged ladies drinking too much - now that's funny. So here's the recipe, which I made up one night during a "girls' night", and my friend Linda Miller named it "Westmont Ladies' Punch." It's really very simple."

one part vodka (or more, to taste)
two parts Dole pineapple mango juice (which you can get at our little Thriftway in Westmont, NJ)
one part cranberry juice, or until the punch turns a pretty color
Fresh pineapple slices to float in the pitcher and also as garnish in individual glasses

That's it -- just mix it, add ice & enjoy!
(Another idea came up to whir it up in a blender w/ ice and serve it as a frozen drink -- mmmm!)

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Anonymous said...

My friend Eileen M. says that it's the color of the punch that is so alluring and what makes it so dangerous, e.g., after a while of drinking this you cannot form words. OK, let's go with that story. (hehe)

Hope everyone enjoys the punch!