Friday, September 1, 2023

Joey's Salisbury Steak Casserole


Ok this is an EASY one! 
One of my favorite comfort foods is a Salisbury Steak. It's just a hamburger that is browned on both sides and smothered with caramelized onions and brown gravy. Sounds delicious, right?  It's perfect with mashed potatoes and a side dish. Boom, dinner's ready.
So then I thought instead of doing mashed potatoes, how about some extra wide egg noodles? Perfect!
I made it as easy as possible. Frozen hamburgers, jarred beef gravy, And then, once assembled, I melted  some mozzarella cheese over the top. How does that sound?
Omg it turned out so good, I ate two bowls of it. It just seemed to hit all the right notes. And now that the nights are starting to get a little cooler, this one easily hits the spot. You don't even need to serve anything else except maybe a crisp side salad. 
So give this one a try. 
Beef and noodles. Easy, right?
 What's not to like? 🙂

1 lb bag extra wide egg noodles
6 frozen hamburgers, thawed
2 large onions
2 large jars beef gravy
Splash Worcestershire sauce
Splash soy sauce
Salt and lots of black pepper
2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
1 cup grated Parmesan cheese
A handful of snipped fresh chives (for garnish)

Heat oven to 350F. 
Place egg noodles in a large pot of aggressively salted boiling water. Give them a stir. Boil 8 or 9 minutes. Be sure not to overcook them. Drain. Pour into a large casserole dish. 
In the meantime, cut each defrosted burger into several large bite sized chunks. Place in large skillet with a little oil over medium heat until brown on all sides. Resist the urge to move them about. Just let them alone so they can brown. Do this in batches if needed. As the pieces of beef brown, remove them from the pan and add to the casserole dish. 
While the beef is browning, roughly chop the onions. You want nice big chunks, just like with the beef. 
When all the beef is browned and added to the casserole,  drain the pan, add a little more oil (or even butter) and sauté the onions until they begin to caramelize. This step can take a good 10 minutes or more. When they are caramelized to your liking, add them to the casserole dish. 
Now empty the jars of gravy into the pan along with the Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, salt and pepper. Simmer until well heated through. Add a few pats of butter, if desired, just to make it rich and velvety. Taste and adjust seasoning, if needed. Pour gravy over everything in the casserole dish and toss well until everything is evenly coated. Top with mozzarella cheese, then Parmesan cheese. Bake in oven for 30 minutes until heated and bubbly. Sprinkle with snipped chives. 

As I was enjoying my SECONG helping, I realized I had missed the opportunity to add sautéed fresh mushrooms and maybe even some frozen peas just before baking. That would take it even higher, dontcha think? I think I need to try that next time. 
This can be made and assembled a day or two in advance and then covered and refrigerated until time to bake and serve. 

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