Thursday, May 5, 2011

Reen's M'eggs'ican Casserole

Usually, when I talk about my sister Maureen, I refer to her as the Queen of Substitutions. She'll take a recipe and change it to fit whatever ingredients she has in the house and it always turns out fabulous. Today, however, I'll talk about her ability to create amazing dishes with no recipe at all! She'll go to a produce market or grocery store, see what looks good, and create something fantabulous, even if she's using an ingredient that she's never tried before. Now THAT's talent!!!
 This recipe was one of those creations. She made it for our family's Easter brunch and it was a big hit! Of course, I quickly asked her to write down the recipe while it was still fresh in her mind! And here it is! If you're all about spicy Mexican food, this one has your name all over it. Well, even if spicy is NOT your thing, I think you should give this a try.  So yummy! (I had two pieces!)
Thanx Reen!!!

1 pkg Mexican chorizo sausage, uncooked
1 large onion, chopped
1 lb roasted poblano peppers
1 dozen eggs
half and half (or milk or cream)
10 corn tortillas
vegetable oil spray 
1 lb pepperjack cheese, grated
2 1/2 lbs potatoes, boiled and sliced
1 large jar chipotle salsa
chopped fresh cilantro and pickled jalapeno peppers (garnish)

Heat oven to 350F.
Remove casing from sausage. Crumble and cook in a large saute pan. Remove from pan. Set aside.
Add chopped onions and poblanos to the sausage drippings. Saute until soft.
In a separate bowl, scramble the eggs with a few glugs of half and half.
Now it's time to assemble everything!
Spray tortillas with vegetable oil spray. Heat in oven for about 3 minutes or until pliable. Shingle them across the bottom and up the sides of a 9x13 casserole dish, cutting them if you need to in order to make them fit. Layer the casserole in this order: Sausage, shredded cheese, potatoes, poblano/onion mixture. Pour scrambled eggs over everything. Top with the entire jar of salsa and more cheese. Place casserole in oven. Bake for one hour or until set in the center.  To serve, cut into squares. Top with cilantro, pickled jalapenos, and additional salsa, if desired.

If you'd like to tone down the heat a little, just choose ingredients that are less spicy, such as a milder salsa, a sweet sausage, and regular Monterey Jack cheese.

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