Monday, July 19, 2010

Roz and Joe's Fruit Salad

 Roz and Joe are more than just dear close friends, they're part of my family. Of course this means they're included at every Quaile Family function. Roz and my Jeanie are total besties, and Joe actually gave me my first real job about a million years ago when I was just out of high school. They're always the first ones to help whenever anyone needs a hand, and they even host our huge Christmas Pollyanna party at their home. (And if you know the size of my family, you know how big of a deal that is!) They're just some of the nicest people you'll ever meet, that's all.
 Roz is a fabulous cook, so I'm always talking recipes with her. This fruit salad recipe is one of the signature dishes she brings to our Easter Brunch as well as other summer parties. Recently, though, I discovered that JOE is the one who has been making the fruit salad all this time, not Roz. Joe, have you been holding out on us???
 Well, regardless of who makes it, I love it, and I'm glad they allowed me to share it with you. It's very simple to make and it's SO refreshing. I know you'll love it too!
 Thanx guys!!

10 seedless navel oranges
5 pink grapefruit
2- 20 oz. cans of crushed pineapples
1 - 10 oz. jar of whole cherries
6 bananas ( on the firm side)

It is important to remove as much membrane as possible from both the orange & grapefruit. Break both orange & grapefruit by hand , over large bowl to collect all juices.
Mix crushed pineapple, and cherries and their natural syrup in bowl with orange & grapefruit.
Depending on sweetness of fruit, 10X sugar may be added to increase sweetness.
Add sliced bananas just before serving, to prevent bananas from becoming over ripe.
Serves 8-10.

Tip from Joey:
My favorite way to enjoy any fruit salad is when it's well chilled. Be sure to keep it nice and cold right up until you serve it!  PERFECT on a hot summer day!

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