Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday Entertaining!

If you've been following my blog, you know how much I love to do weekly themes. And by 'weekly theme' I mean posting an announcement on Sunday and then doing 6 recipes that have something in common throughout the rest of the week. The problem is that I have too many holiday themes and not enough holiday weeks! I thought of doing a week of party foods, since everyone is either hosting or attending holiday parties. And of course there MUST be a week of festive foods and beverages, since I love decorating and trimming the trees and baking and listening to Christmas music and watching The Grinch and Cindy Lou Who and Charlie Brown and the Heat Miser and the Snow Miser and Rudolph and Hermey and Yukon Cornelius and the Island of Misfit Toys and Frosty and Santa Claus and Miss Jessica and The Winter Warlock and The Burgermeister Meisterburger, (as told and sung by Fred Astaire). Then there's the week of cocktails and beverages, as we gear up for ringing in the new year. But wait! New Year's Eve is in the middle of the week! That's gives me only HALF of a week, which is CLEARLY not enough for an entire theme. What a dilemma! So, here's my solution. Instead of short changing any of those themes, I've decided to mix them all up into one big fat Holiday Entertaining theme! From now until the first weekend in January, I'll be doing all kinds of recipes from party foods, to cocktails, to anything Festivus! Great then!

Be safe and enjoy your holiday!

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